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Mellwood Farm is owned and operated by Sherri Mellskog and Bill Thomas.

Our mission as a small Trakehner breeding farm is to produce the best possible mounts for all the sport horse disciplines. Every breeding is thought out in a meticulous manner. We strive to produce the perfect partner, athlete, and show horse all rolled into one. All the foals are handled with a kind yet firm philosophy. Our hope and desire is that in the future our horses will be showing up more and more, from the local  pony clubs, to the international show ring.

We breed Purebred Trakehner horses and Trakehner Cross Sporthorse Ponies, producing 1-3 foals per year. Most of our horses are kept outside year round and they seem to enjoy the hills. For us, the horses provide a calming, peaceful effect on our otherwise stressful and busy lifestyle.

Sherri was introduced to the Trakehner in 1982 by Carole Wallace, who at the time was standing the imported stallion Pralat. It was love at first sight for her and she purchased one of his daughters, Mondschein. She and Sherri became soul mates as Mondschein took her through the ranks of eventing and dressage eventually to be retired as a broodmare. She produced 5 wonderful foals for Mellwood Farm and they will always be in her debt.

Bill and Sherri are both veterinarians. They have two young daughters who are enjoying the pleasures of raising horses. Their farm consists of 44 acres situated in the hills of east Tennessee. They are 30 minutes from the Knoxville airport and just 2 miles from Interstate 40\75.

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